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講座題目 Output feedback stabilization of an ODE-Schrodinger cascade system subject to boundary control matched unknown disturbance 講座時間 2019年12月29日上午9:00
講座地點 九號樓九層 924 主講人 劉軍軍
內容摘要 In this paper, we consider the output feedback exponential stabilization problem of an ODE-Schr¨odinger cascade systems with the external disturbance. We propose a new extended state observer (ESO) that estimates both state and disturbance by the three output signals, then design a stabilizing control law by utilizing the backstepping technique. The resulting closedloop system is shown to be exponentially stable with guaranteeing that all internal systems involved are uniformly bounded. Finally, some numerical experiments are carried out to verify the effectiveness of the proposed control law.
主講簡介 劉軍軍,太原理工大學數學學院副教授,2015年畢業于北京理工大學數學學院獲博士學位,太原理工大學博士后,2018年度入選山西省三晉人才支持計劃青年優秀人才,主持省部級以上項目三項,主要研究方向為分布參數系統控制理論,近年來發表論文20多篇,大多數發表在控制理論知名期刊,如《IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control》,《Automatica》,《International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control》,《International Journal of Control》。

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